About Roz

Roz TilleyRoz’s journey began after nursing her Mother in law 28 years ago with cancer, this caused her to question herself and what life meant. Her marriage broke down and this started a journey of self discovery. What did she wanted to do with the rest of her life?

Roz is a Mother of four and a Grandmother of nine.

Roz  first learnt Reiki 1 and was drawn to do many courses, listened to critisism about the number of courses she took and formed her own opinion.

She has put herself through the wringer and come out the other side. She would tell you that “to know her you have to hang around long enough”, and don’t ask her anything if you don’t really want the answer, as she can be brutally honest.

Spirit has certainly tested her on many levels and Roz would say trust yourself and what spirit tells you, for to not trust yourself you are not trusting spirit. She has been through painful times and dealt with the dark night of the soul, but those times have only strengthened her and bought a realisation that to assist people you have to know what adversity means.

Roz has followed the uttering’s of spirit not always knowing what the end result would be. She goes shopping for crystals and usually finds a special piece not always beautiful as that can be the reality of life. She is still learning lessons around people and not all are as they seem.  But Roz also adds that meeting the good and bad have assisted her on many levels to grow. When we stop growing it is time to leave the planet.

Roz is self trained in many areas and constantly connected to Spirit, this interaction keeps her in touch with life and it’s changes. Roz has channeled the modality called  Multi Dimensional Healing. She is a channeled art teacher, a Medium. She has three oracle decks and one tarot deck in print, and to sit and learn all the personal stories attached to these cards brings an understanding of the power of the images. Roz does Readings which are grounded and directional which means if you have decisions to make she will give you options so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

The latest addition is an “Elemental” oracle which she refers to as the black oracle as there is now another one to compliment the range and it will be the White Elemental oracle.

These images are of the crystal and it’s elemental that resides in or around the crystal, a very unusual concept. Every card has it’s own vibrational essence assisting you to heal using the power of crystals.

Roz will soon be adding a Tarot deck which is also testing her on many levels and yes she will do it, she is determined to step up to the challenge.

Roz has a large range of personally brewed Vibrational Essences, an Egyptian range, plus Vibrational Sprays. A Harmony range which is to balance the chakras. It consists of her Essence’s brewed with Egyptian items and Oils from Egypt.

Egypt has always held mystery for Roz and that has been quelled by her visit in 2013 and she is returning with a group in 2016. To swim in the Nile was the most healing event in her life.

Roz is a Celebrant and creating memorable ceremonies is for her a joy.

Roz was called by spirit to become a Reiki Master and this is because of her teaching style, it is a grounded approach to learning.

Roz has published two Oracle’s and has another two projects on the way. It has come to her attention that many people don’t know the process to self publishing, so Roz is now a Publishing Consultant.

Roz resides in the historic township of Warburton, in the  picturesque Yarra Valley and  the Yarra River is part of her big back yard. Whilst her work takes her all over the world Warburton provides  a peaceful place to come home to.

Roz’s home is her sanctuary, this safe environment provides protection, creates balance in which you simply heal, or learn.

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