Wedding Ceremonies

As a registered marriage celebrant Roz will weave your magic into a truly memorable ceremony reflecting the love between two people. Roz has a range of celebrations that extend well beyond the traditional ceremonies.

All ceremonies reflect your own personal beliefs or values. The ceremony will be unique for each bride and groom.

The different aspects of your wedding can include sand blending’s, candles, hand fasting, including the use of ribbons or ivy, honoring the directions or the elements, fire, air, earth, water, spirit. The use and explanation of rose petals.Tibetan singing bowl, Scottish Quake, Tappa Mats, Conch shells, Smudge fan, Mead, and Feet Cleansing.

Roz has created a Blessing Spray primarily for weddings to prepare the space for the Bride and Groom, prior to the ceremony.

The ceremony is explained so guests understand what you’re doing and why.

The types of ceremonies available, Traditional, Mediaeval, Wiccan, Pagan, Native American.

Rite of passage

This is a ceremony that honours an important phase in your life. It may be a birthday that is significant or a difficult time in your life that has passed that you wish to celebrate. In some cases it can feel like a rebirthing.

Baby Naming

This ceremony is to welcome a new baby into your family. If you have older children  that have not had a naming ceremony we would do a “Rite of Passage” ceremony for them.

Commitment Ceremony

This is not a legal ceremony but just as important to the people who are formally offering their love to each other. I will be honoured to perform a marriage ceremony when it is legalised.

Renewal of Vows

This is a wonderful way to honour your journey and love of one another. Reconnecting and committing to the future. If there are children we honour what they have brought to your marriage.

Divorce Ceremony

This ceremony will assist you to let go, to honour your gains and losses and to speak of your new strengths, a very empowering ceremony.


“Thank you for today – it was so amazing”

“It was so natural and personal, it didn’t look like a performance”.

“I loved the ceremony. Normally I’m bored and don’t pay attention I just want it to end. With this ceremony, I was looking forward to the next bit”.

“You captured my daughter in the ceremony it was so her”.

“It was a beautiful ceremony, where did she get it from” a guest asked the bride’s Mother, “she wrote it”, was the Mother’s response.

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