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Why would you have a spirit guide drawing done?
I will explain my reasons and why I wanted to be able to channel images.

I have many guides that work with me; one that assists me with my land healing, obviously another one who works to bring through the images for someone else, another one for healing, and the list goes on.

We have many more guides than we are aware of and at different times they step up to bring us what we need to know. You could simply be curious or you may have a need to know who is helping you as you work.

If you are a healer it is wonderful to have an image on your wall. You have a personal connection with this being. What I find amazing is that the image can change in front of your eyes.

Watching the drawing being done is awe inspiring. I can also channel them for you no matter where you live and post it to you.

Contact me if you would like to arrange to have a Spirit Guide drawn for you or for someone else as a gift.

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