Channelled Art

When Roz began to learn how to channel her spirit guides through the process of creative art, she had absolutely no artistic ability. She was captivated by the whole artistic process, especially how it was blended with spirituality.

After Roz had completed forty-five images, she asked Spirit what the hell she was doing – this was the birth of the Tree of Life oracle. She felt that Spirit was guiding her hand toward creating a Tarot deck, but she told them, “That wasn’t happening any time soon!” (This is one of the only times that she has told Spirit “no” – as evidenced by the fact that she eventually created that bloody Tarot deck!)

To date, Roz has created the following:
– The Tree of Life Oracle deck
– The Elemental Oracle deck
– The White Elemental Crystal Oracle deck
As well as the Sacred 8 Tarot deck.


In these workshops, you will connect to your Spirit Guides using Sacred Geometry – a truly amazing process.
You will channel four distinct art pieces, entirely unique to you.

Drawing 1

Tapping into the vibration of colour. This drawing is to learn to feel the colour of the pastels.

Drawing 2

Using Sacred Geometry with my guidance, you will create your very first spirit guide drawing.

Drawing 3

You can work to heal blockages (physical, emotional, and spiritual) or journey to a past life and recall a memory, and place another energy on paper.

Drawing 4

Is the same as drawing three, but on coloured paper.

Come and play. I love teaching this process, it is truly inspiring.

No artistic ability needed!

Please get in touch with me to book your channelled art workshop.

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