Geomancy Workshop

With over 20 years experience Roz is a recognised pioneer in her field, combining fundamental wisdom and elemental teachings of crystal healing, colour therapy, psychic / channelled art, tarot, astrology, Reiki, Pranic healing, and archetypal philosophy. She specialises in a sensitive and innovative approach to geomancy that incorporates primary aspects of Feng Shui as well as her own range of personally brewed vibrational “Devic” essences.

Roz’s portfolio includes, amongst many others, the stunning Avalon coastal retreat in Tasmania, and the groundbreaking Orchard Grove estate in Hastings, Victoria that prides itself on being the first subdivision to embrace solar powered as its primary source of energy in Australia.

With her sensitivity to the Earth and her uncanny knowledge and passion, geomancy led her to be employed as a personal adviser and assistant to the developer, and a mouthpiece and ambassador for the land itself.

Roz has gone on to teach Geomancy in Japan and has qualified teachers there to share her unique methods.

Workshop – Day one

The most important thing Roz will teach you is about personal protection before doing any land work.

How to work with the pendulum.

How to dowse to find negative lay lines, or negative underground water in order to cure them.

How to scan for correct essences, or to check if areas have been cleansed; to have an understanding of your own land, and what might be needed.


When and where it is possible, see Roz working on the land, and in a building.

Roz will answer any questions that need clarification or further detail.

She will also talk about her vibrational essences, as well as some of the tried and true basics. Vibrational Sprays play a large part in clearing negative house energies, so Roz will bring some clarity to this subject.

In Warburton she will show you where there are issues on the land.
If in another country, Roz will conduct a walk around in the local streets in order to show you where there are negative patches and teach you how to feel them.


“Thank you for a wonderful Geomancy course. It was an easier approach to clearing land, it allows you to get straight in and do it without the mess. A more powerful technique”.

“You connect with the land on a deeper level”.

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