Bird Essence

Bird Essence


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Full List of All Bird Essences Available


Andean Condor - power


Blackbird - door keeper
Brolga - proud of self
Bush - Stone Curlew - social at night
Buzzard - upstanding


Cockatoo Black - continuity
Cockatoo R.T. Black - coming home , spiritual honouring
Cockatoo Y.T. Black - positive things for you
Cockatoo White - no fear
Currawong - balance issues


Dove - know yourself


Eagle Female - feminine gift
Eagle Golden - sacrifice
Eagle Sea - spiritual emotions
Eagle Sea B - smooth transition
Eagle Wedge Tail - free spirit
Eagle Wedge Tail Hobes - bring spirit to earth
Egret - confidence
Emu - cope with sensitivity


Flamingo (male) - light passion
Flamingo (female) - lifting the veil


Galah - heart glow
Goose - re-align habits
Guinea Fowl - protection


Hawk - messenger
Heron (1) - family protection
Heron (2) - results
Hummingbird - joy


Ibis - mastery


King Parrot - healing
Kite Whistling - soar with the sun
Kite Black - brings peace


Lorikeet - a jewel of the sea
Lyre - truth


Magpie - balance
Mudlark - many possibilities luck


Ostrich - large strides forward
Owl - understand information
Owl Barn - gentle landing


Peacock - clear the dross
Pelican - buoyancy
Pigeon - vibrance
Pheasant Crest - illumination
Pheasant Tail - walk you walk
Plover - excitement for future


Raven - mystique


Satin Bowerbird - good communication
Swallow - finishing things
Swan (Black) - self warmth
Swan (White) - heart opalescence

Essence Type

Andean Condor – power, Blackbird – door keeper, Brolga – proud of self, Bush – Stone Curlew – social at night, Buzzard – upstanding, Cockatoo Black – continuity, Cockatoo R.T. Black – coming home , spiritual honouring, Cockatoo Y. T. Black – positive things for you, Cockatoo White – no fear, Currawong – balance issues, Dove – know yourself, Eagle Female – feminine gift, Eagle Golden – sacrifice, Eagle Sea – spiritual emotions, Eagle Sea B – smooth transition, Eagle Wedge Tail – free spirit, Eagle Wedge Tail Hobes – bring Spirit to Earth, Egret – confidence, Emu – cope with sensitivity, Flamingo (male) – light passion, Flamingo (female) – lifting the veil, Galah – heart glow, Goose – re-align habits, Guinea Fowl – protection, Hawk – messenger, Heron (1) – family protection, Heron (2) – results, Hummingbird – joy, Ibis – mastery, King Parrot – healing, Kite Whistling – soar with the sun, Kite Black – brings peace, Lorikeet – a jewel of the sea, Lyre – truth, Magpie – balance, Mudlark – many possibilities luck, Ostrich – large strides forward, Owl – understand information, Owl Barn – gentle landing, Peacock – clear the dross, Pelican – buoyancy, Pigeon – vibrance, Pheasant Crest – illumination, Pheasant Tail – walk you walk, Plover – excitement for future, Raven – mystique, Satin Bowerbird – good communication, Swallow – finishing things, Swan (Black) – self warmth, Swan (White) – heart opalescence


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