Crystal Essences

Crystal Essences


To see a full list of available Crystal Essences, we have an alphabetised list below.

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Full List of All Crystal Essences Available


Adamite - you find all the answers
Agate Botswana- peace and core connection
Amazonite - flowing and forgiving energy
Amber - removes illusion
Amegreen - healing
Amethyst Bubble - ancient memories
Amethyst Cave - protection and lifts the soul
Amethyst - healing
Apache Tears - palpable strength
Apatite Neon - understanding the pecking order
Apopholite/Stilbite - diamond quality
Aquamarine - warmth - love
Araganite - brightness around you
Atachmite - fun
Atlantis Stone - sets you free
Aventurine - sparkle
Aventurine - everything is right
Aventurine Pink - heart illumination
Aventurine Red - firm foundations
Azurite/Malachite - high priestess internal smudging


Basalt - unblocks
Biotite - clear vision
Bloodstone - softening of self
Bronzite - positive explosions
Brown Lava - blood mover


Calcite Green- peace
Calcite Jade - happiness
Calcite Mangano - self sufficient
Calcite Mini - sure of yourself
Calcite Pink - hope
Carnelian - connection
Chalcedony - supremacy
Charoite - heart sparkle
Chlorite - wondrous possibilities
Chrysocolla - power
Chrysanthemum Stone - you know what you need to know
Chrysoprase - you fit in
Chrysoprase Lemon - work through negativity
Citrine - wealth
Citrine Point - reach the top
Copper - personal emotions
Coral - group connections
Covellite - blood cleansing


Driftwood - wisdom
Dumortierite - relaxes you


Emerald - understand responsibility
Epidote - coming home on earth


Fire Opal - illumination
Flourite - mystical clarity
Fushite - like a Mother’s love
Fossilized Sea Urchin - bearer of fruit
Fossil Orthocerus - freedom


Garnet Olivine - no nonsense


Hematite - star quality
Hematite Amber - strong foundations
Hematite Orange - heart richness
Hemimorphite - peace within
Hiddenite - drop of layers
Howlite Blue - excitement
Howlite White - diamond energy


Inestite/onetolite - inner and outer shine
IronPyrite/Sulphide - a star quality


Kambaba - clears dis-functional patterns
Kyanite Black - understanding


Labradorite - trust your gut
Lepidolite - self understanding


Malachite - self healing
Marble - personal responsibility
Menalite - mother love
Meteorite - hearing tuned
Mookaite - promise
Moonstone - birth of a new you
Mother of Pearl - you will shine


Obsidian - emotional cleansing
Ocean Jasper (1) - understanding emotions


Peruvian Wood - protection
Petrified Tree Root - as above so below
Petrified Wood - free and earth balanced
Prehnite - blossoming
Pyrite - outer planetary connections


Quartz Double Terminator - no judgement
Quartz Hematite - Angels are with you
Quartz Rutilated - magnifier
Quartz Star - comfortable


Rainbow Rhyolite - maps out direction
Rhodonite Sphere - victim role is gone
Rose Quartz - love
Ruby - all is as it should be


Sardonyx (1) - inner knowing
Sardonyx (2) - realign passions
Saturn Stone - great buzzing
Septarian - new beginnings
Seraphinite - Angelic possibilities
Serpentine - turn the lights on
Serpentine/Stitchtite - heart healing
Shell - hear your guides
Shell W.A. - perfect detail
Shiva Lingam - clear sight
Siltstone - memories understood
Smokey Quartz - sparkle
Smokey Quartz Madagascar - all is visible
Sodalite - solid foundation
Sphalerite - structure and solidity
Spirit Quartz Amethyst - spread your wings
Spirit Quartz - fly and have fun
Staurolite - optimism
Stibnite - rigid protection
Stitchtite - clears the way
Stone - self forgiveness
Stromatolite - changes patterns
Sulphur - learn trust
Sunstone/Copper - truth, flexibility, sparkle
Super Seven - spiritually connected


Tektite - anchors the light
Tiger Eye- birthing
Tourmaline Black - self assistance
Tourmaline Brown - sparkle
Turquoise - joy
Twin Skulls - combined knowledge


Variscite - vibrant change
Volcanic Glass - healing


Zircon - silver lining shows


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