Elemental Oracle Essences

Elemental Oracle Essences


To see a full list of available Black Elemental Crystal Essences, we have an alphabetised list below.

Otherwise, please choose your desired Black Elemental Crystal Essence from the following drop-down menu.

These essences correspond and work with the Elemental Oracle cards.


Full List of All Crystal Essences Available


Alabasta - calms the body
Amber - relaxation
Amethyst - heart / land healing
Ammonite - peace
Anhydrite / Actinorite - everything fits (energetically)
Apophyllite - clears confusion


Black Tourmaline - cleans negativity


Calcite - circles, swings & roundabouts, what goes around comes around
Carnelian - self understanding, balance
Chiastolite - direction
Chlorite in Quartz - lightness of soul
Citrine - independent wealth
Clear Quartz Cluster (5) - shifts blockages
Clear Quartz (8) - self trust
Clear Quartz (33) - power around memories
Crocoite - cuts the chaos


Dioptase - healing love


Eilat Stone - spiritual power


Faden - Isis energy
Fire Agate - solid structure
Fluorite Blue - clarity


Gaia Stone - inner emotions
Garnet - choices are clear


Herkimer Diamond - third eye zapper


Inclused Quartz - protection
Iolite - you fit in


Kunzite- first breath
Kyanite - cuts the crap


Lapis Lazuli - Egyptian energy
Larimer Stone - powerful land healer


Moldavite - you feel your potential


Ocean Jasper (2) - ancient knowledge


Peridot - self belief
Petalite - smooth journey


Rainbow Obsidian - inner journey
Red Coral - you belong and fit in
Rhodochrosite - love
Rhodonite - clear direction
Rose Quartz Heart - emotional healing
Rough Fluorite - warmth and trust


Spirit Quartz Ameth / Citrine - healing around finances
Spondalus - peak of life


Vanadinite - wakes up lower chakras


Watermelon Tourmaline - fast action


Zincite - solid foundation

Elemental Oracle Essences

Alabasta – calms the body, Amber – relaxation, Amethyst – heart / land healing, Ammonite – peace, Anhydrite / Actinorite – everything fits (energetically), Apophyllite – clears confusion, Black Tourmaline – cleans negativity, Calcite – circles, swings and roundabouts, what goes around comes around, Carnelian – self understanding, balance, Chiastolite – direction, Chlorite in Quartz – lightness of soul, Citrine – independent wealth, Clear Quartz Cluster (5) – shifts blockages, Clear Quartz (8) – self trust, Clear Quartz (33) – power around memories, Crocoite – cuts the chaos, Dioptase – healing love, Eilat Stone – spiritual power, Faden – Isis energy, Fire Agate – solid structure, Fluorite Blue – clarity, Gaia Stone – inner emotions, Garnet – choices are clear, Herkimer Diamond – third eye zapper, Inclused Quartz – protection, Iolite – you fit in, Kunzite- first breath, Kyanite – cuts the crap, Lapis Lazuli – Egyptian energy, Larimer Stone – powerful land healer, Moldavite – you feel your potential, Ocean Jasper (2) – ancient knowledge, Peridot – self belief, Petalite – smooth journey, Rainbow Obsidian – inner journey, Red Coral – you belong and fit in, Rhodochrosite – love, Rhodonite – clear direction, Rose Quartz Heart – emotional healing, Rough Fluorite – warmth and trust, Spirit Quartz Amethyst / Citrine – healing around finances, Spondalus – peak of life, Vanadinite – wakes up lower chakras, Watermelon Tourmaline – fast action, Zincite – solid foundation


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