Vibrational Sprays

Vibrational Sprays


Each spray has a unique vibration and has been created to heal on many levels.

Blessing: This was created to clear or clean up an area. Great for the office,
healing room, or if you have had a disagreement, you will feel a sparkle in the space.
Healing: This was designed for a client after a healing to seal in the new vibration, or to use to remind them of the new energy that was created.
Baby Safe: Is for babies who are having difficulty coping with the earth plane and a re crying on a constant level.
Abundance: In order to have abundance on every level Quite often there needs to be a healing which is the basis of this spray.
Balance: Was brewed for the person who feels different, who doesn’t fit with society, or feels stressed.
Sale of Property: It is for exactly what is says, to keep the area pristine clean in order to sell a property, house or business. This spray is available on request.
Love: Is a spray created for you to work on yourself, because without self love we cannot expect any thing else from another.
Protection: This is for people who feel they are being psychically attacked.

All have a BRANDY base of 60%.


Blessing, Healing, Baby Safe, Abundance, Balance, Property Sale, Love, Protection


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