Reiki written in traditional Japanese calligraphyRei meaning “Universal” and Ki meaning “Life Force” or “Energy”. This Universal Life Force, flows to us from God, Spirit, or the Universe, and is Unconditional Love.

To share a Reiki treatment is therefore to give love with no judgement or conditions attached to it. It is an ancient healing technique that I believe benefits every person who is attuned.

Reiki is the transference of universal energy, it comes through the facilitator and into the client. It can be a self treatment. You can heal yourself simply by placing your hands on your body. It works beautifully when you sleep. Comfort or calm others during a healing or a stressful situation. It interacts with other modalities to create a powerful healing.

Reiki belongs to everyone, being a universal force from spirit, it knows no colour, or creed. It is for the young, old, rich or poor.

Roz holds Reiki classes throughout Australia upon application.

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Learn Reiki

Attunement is a sacred ceremony, and very personal to each student.

Roz regularly conducts Reiki classes where you can learn from the beginning and then attend further classes to increase your skills and knowledge.

Reiki 1

A grounded, hands-on approach to Reiki. You will be amazed how empowered you feel.

For yourself and others, beautiful for pregnant mothers, babies, children, family, and animals.

Roz teaches Reiki 1 in a one-on-one setting.

Reiki 2

Distant or absent healing is a powerful tool. At this level, your intuition is given a large boost. Your distant healing can travel to anywhere in the world.

Like Reiki 1, this workshop is taught in a safe and empowering setting on a one-on-one basis. It is an absolute gift to receive this level of attunent, as it will allow you to experience the world and our connected energies in a wholly new way.

In one day you will be able to send healing to anybody around the world.

Reiki Mastery - Twin Flames - original painting by Roz Tilley

Reiki Masters

Learning is very personal to you. This final attunement is governed by you and your learning style, and your mastery will be completed in a length of time that allows you to be comfortable teaching Reiki One and Two to others.

Reiki finds it’s way to those who desire to learn it — The teacher appears when the student is ready.

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