Ceremonies (Celebrancy)

I have a range of celebrations that extend well beyond the traditional ceremonies, and I love working with members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Celebrancy feeds my soul. Creating ceremonies for two people in love, no matter what walk of life they come from, I can weave your story into the perfect tapestry or paint your perfect picture.

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Channelled Art

Elemental art is created when I connect to the crystal’s energy. I hold the stone and I can feel the elemental that resides in-and-around the crystal, then the image presents itself on paper. A wonderful process to witness.

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Roz uses ancient techniques in a modern way. With the assistance of her “Tree of Life”  and “Elemental” vibrational essences and her own personal power, she will clear all negative energies.

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Multi-Dimensional Healing

Multi-Dimensional Healing is a self empowering technique that Roz has channeled. 

The process allows you to understand the issues and in turn remove blockages.

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Oracle & Tarot Readings

Roz primarily reads with her “Tree of Life” oracle cards.

They were created by Roz and this enables her to take your reading to a deeper level, bringing greater understanding for you. She has a long list of testimonials that speak of her accuracy.

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