An Ancient healing technique that I believe benefits every person who is attuned. Rei meaning Universal and Ki meaning Life Force or Energy. This Universal Life Force, flows to us from God, Spirit, or the Universe, and is Unconditional Love.

To share a Reiki treatment is therefore to give love with no judgement or conditions attached to it.

Initiation is a sacred ceremony, and very personal to each student.

Reiki is the transference of universal energy, it comes through the facilitator and into the client. It can be a self treatment. You can heal yourself simply by placing your hands on your body. It works beautifully when you sleep. Comfort or calm others during a healing or a stressful situation. It interacts with other modalities to create a powerful outcome. Reiki belongs to everyone, being a universal force from spirit, it knows no colour, or creed. It is for the young, old, rich or poor.

Reiki 1

A grounded approach to Reiki. You will be amazed how empowered you feel.For yourself and others a hands on approach. Beautiful for pregnant mothers, babies, children, family and animals.

Reiki 2

Distant or absent healing is a powerful tool. At this level your intuition is given a large boost. In one day you will be able to send healing to anybody in the world.


Learning is very personal to you. This is governed by you and your learning style and timing that you require in order to be comfortable teaching Reiki One and Two. Reiki finds it’s way to who desires to learn it.

Creative Art

Roz Tilley is the Author, Illustrator of the “Tree of Life” and the “Elemental” oracle “Sacred 8” tarot and the “White Elemental Crystal” oracle. When this process started Roz had absolutely no artistic ability.

You will connect to your Spirit Guides using Sacred Geometry, a truly amazing process.

Drawing 1

Tapping into the vibration of colour. This drawing is to learn to feel the colour of the pastels.

Drawing 2

Using Sacred Geometry with my guidance you will create your very first spirit guide drawing.

Drawing 3

You can work to heal blockages (physical, emotional and spiritual) or journey to a past life and recall a memory and place another energy on paper.

Drawing 4

Is the same as drawing three, but on coloured paper. No artistic ability needed. Come and play. I love teaching this process it is truly inspiring.


How to use the “Tree of Life” Oracle cards.

Roz will teach you how to read her oracle cards. Roz used channelled drawings to assist her through difficult times, many of the cards have personal meanings that she will share with you in order to bring a deeper understanding and hence your readings will have more depth and honesty.When you have completed the workshop you will be ready to start doing readings. The deck is known for it’s clarity and no-nonsense approach. She will also add how to interact with the Elemental oracle and how to overlay it on the “Tree of Life” cards.

Multi-dimensional Healing one-day workshop

Roz will teach you how to work with this amazing technique. It is a no nonsense approach to clearing blockages that stop a client leading a happy and normal life.

Multi-Dimensional Healing Is exactly as it suggests a modality that reaches all layers of dis-ease and can include past lives. The memories are held in the D.N.A. and the cellular structure until they are cleared or released by the client with the assistance of the facilitator.

One of the main points Roz would make is that the client does the work so they are very aware at the completion of the session that it is done. Their physical body will support this as there is a change that can be felt by them.

You will learn the power and healing of Roz’s Vibrational Essences. These essences are an integral part of the healing process.

What ever dis- functional patterns you need to clear this process is amazing.


With over 20 years experience Roz is a recognised pioneer in her field she specialises in a sensitive and innovative approach to geomancy that incorporates primary aspects of Feng Shui as well as her own range of vibrational essences.

Roz’s portfolio includes the stunning Avalon coastal retreat in Tasmania and Orchard Grove estate in Hastings Victoria that prides itself on being the first solar powered subdivision in Australia.

Roz has gone on to teach Geomancy in Japan and has qualified teachers to share her unique methods.

Workshop day one

The most important thing Roz will teach you is about personal protection before doing any land work.

How to work with the pendulum.

How to dowse to find negative lay lines, or negative underground water, in order to cure them.

How to scan for correct essences, or to check if areas have been cleansed. To have an understanding of your own land, and what might be needed.

Day two

Where possible see Roz working on the land, and in a building.

Answering any questions that need clarity.

Talking about the vibrational essences, some of the tried and true basics. Vibrational Sprays also play a large part in clearing negative house energies, Roz will bring some clarity to this subject. In Warburton she will show you where there are issues on the land. If in another country Roz will do a walk around the local streets order to show you where there are negative patches and teach you how to feel them.


“Thank you for a wonderful Geomancy course. It was an easier approach to clearing land, it allows you to get straight in and do it without the mess. A more powerful technique”.

“You connect with the land on a deeper level”.

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