Creative Art

Roz Tilley is the Author, Illustrator of the “Tree of Life” and the “Elemental” oracle “Sacred 8” tarot and the “White Elemental Crystal” oracle. When this process started Roz had absolutely no artistic ability.

You will connect to your Spirit Guides using Sacred Geometry, a truly amazing process.

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With over 20 years experience Roz is a recognised pioneer in her field she specialises in a sensitive and innovative approach to geomancy that incorporates primary aspects of Feng Shui as well as her own range of vibrational essences.

Roz’s portfolio includes the stunning Avalon coastal retreat in Tasmania and Orchard Grove estate in Hastings Victoria that prides itself on being the first solar powered subdivision in Australia.

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Multi-dimensional Healing one-day workshop

Roz will teach you how to work with this amazing technique. It is a no nonsense approach to clearing blockages that stop a client leading a happy and normal life.

Multi-Dimensional Healing Is exactly as it suggests a modality that reaches all layers of dis-ease and can include past lives. The memories are held in the D.N.A. and the cellular structure until they are cleared or released by the client with the assistance of the facilitator.

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How to use the “Tree of Life” Oracle cards.

Roz will teach you how to read her oracle cards. Roz used channelled drawings to assist her through difficult times, many of the cards have personal meanings that she will share with you in order to bring a deeper understanding and hence your readings will have more depth and honesty.

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An Ancient healing technique that I believe benefits every person who is attuned. Rei meaning Universal and Ki meaning Life Force or Energy. This Universal Life Force, flows to us from God, Spirit, or the Universe, and is Unconditional Love.

To share a Reiki treatment is therefore to give love with no judgement or conditions attached to it.

Initiation is a sacred ceremony, and very personal to each student.

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